FCA recalls 150k HD trucks over bracket weld issue

Improper welds may separate, resulting in reduced steering response.

FCA announced yet another recall for its Ram truck line Thursday, this one focused on front suspension components.

This recall covers 156,498 Ram HD models (and certain chassis cabs) from the 2013 and 2014 model years. In affected trucks, welds with "insufficient fusion" may separate, resulting in diminished steering response. The location of the welds and the specific components involved were not disclosed in the announcement.

The automaker stressed that the failures will not result in loss of steering control. FCA says it is aware of one documented accident associated with this failure, but no injuries.

FCA is implementing a two-phase recall. All owners will be notified that their vehicles require inspection as part of the first phase. During this inspection, if weak welds are identified, they will be repaired.

In the second phase of the recall campaign, customers who trucks are not exhibiting any signs of failure will be called back to have reinforcing brackets installed to prevent future failures.

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