Rolls-Royce updates Ghost for 2013

Rolls-Royce Ghost gets a few improvement for the new model year.

Rolls-Royce is subtly updating its Ghost sedan for the 2013 model year. Although the Ghost's styling and powertrain carryover for the new model year, Rolls-Royce says the tweaks "ensure the car is equipped to pinnacle Rolls-Royce standards.”

Inside the Ghost is equipped with new ‘exciter' speakers located in the car's leather headliner. Powered by an updated amplifier, the new audio system is designed to move the center of sound closer to the passengers' ears for a better listening experience.

Unlike Rolls-Royce's flagship Phantom model, most Ghosts are owner-driven, which means Jeeves isn't always around to help load shopping bags in the trunk. In order to help with that issue, all 2013 Ghost models come equipped with Rolls-Royce's new Comfort Access.

No unlike the system used on Ford's latest Escape crossover, Comfort Access is able to open the Ghost's trunk with a foot gesture under the rear bumper. The system only requires the Ghost's key to be in the vicinity of the car.

Rolls-Royce is also adding a new Ghost wheel option for 2013, complimenting the car's already impressive library of 44,000 exterior paint options.

Rolls-Royce says the 2013 Ghost will begin production by year's end.

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