Rolls-Royce recalls a single Ghost to fix airbag defect

The car was produced with the incorrect side-impact airbag, potentially causing non-compliance with safety regulations.

Rolls-Royce has issued an extremely small-batch recall, identifying a potential airbag problem with a single Ghost from the 2015 model year.

The affected vehicle, built on January 23, 2014, appears to have been manufactured with incorrect thorax airbags for front-seat occupants. The issue is said to make the car potentially non-compliant with federal safety regulations for side-impact protection.

"In the event of a vehicle crash necessitating air bag deployment, this may increase the risk of injury to the front seat passengers," the recall documents warn.

The company has not disclosed how the problem was identified. Unlike most recalls, the campaign does not include a chronology report in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration database.

Service technicians will simply replace the driver- and passenger-side thorax airbags in the singe affected Ghost to resolve the safety concern.

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