Rolls-Royce Phantom faces recall over mispositioned airbags

The campaign is limited to around a dozen units.

Rolls-Royce has issued another airbag recall, this time focused on the 2015 and 2016 Phantom.

Parent BMW Group in late October received a notification from a supplier that warned of an anomaly during routine testing. A subsequent analysis suggests the side-curtain airbag may have been incorrectly assembled, affecting the airbag positioning during deployment.

"As a result of the improper manufacturing, the air bags may not position themselves as intended during deployment, increasing the risk of occupant injury in the event of a vehicle crash," recall documents note.

Service technicians will inspect and replace the side curtain airbags, if necessary, on both the passenger and driver side.

The campaign is limited to just a baker's dozen vehicles with production dates from late May through late September. An even smaller recall, affecting just a single vehicle, was launched earlier this year to replace side airbags in the Ghost.

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