Subaru BRZ tS heading to US showrooms?

The tS special edition was introduced for Japan, but a US trademark filing hints at wider distribution plans.

A Subaru trademark filing suggests the BRZ tS could eventually make its way to US showrooms.

The tS special edition was first unveiled a year ago as an exclusive package for customers in Subaru's home market, with production capped at just 300 units including a maximum of 100 adorned in Sunrise Yellow (pictured).

A US Patent and Trademark Office filing now hints at wider distribution plans for the tS name. As AutoGuide points out, the car was introduced in Japan many months before the company filed paperwork to protect the term in the US. The timing is viewed as evidence of a US product launch, but many companies routinely seek global protection for branding that is only used narrowly in one market.

The tS shown in Japan features a stiffer suspension system with additional bracing and beefier half-shafts. Stability-control algorithms have been reworked to delay emergency intervention, entrusting drivers to take advantage of the bigger Brembo brakes at each corner.

The JDM edition is adorned with plenty of STI badges. Subaru Tecnica International branding is more restrained in the US, mostly reserved for the flagship WRX STI sedan. The BRZ could be among the first models to fulfill Subaru's promise of more STI-tuned packages for US buyers, as previewed by the STI Performance Concept unveiled in New York.

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