Subaru teases new STI model for June 8th unveiling

Could the Subaru BRZ be getting the STI treatment?

Subaru has released a mystery teaser image that suggests the company's STI tuning arm is about to breathe on the BRZ sports coupe.

Since its introduction people have been clamoring for a Subaru BRZ STI, and it looks as though that dream might partially come true. Subaru posted a picture on Facebook that appears to show a BRZ with an STI wing with the message "Stay tuned…6/8/17. #STI".

Although a turbocharged BRZ STI model along the lines of the WRX STI isn't totally out of the question, the car teased will likely follow the blueprint of the Japanese-spec BRZ tS. That model, billed as "tuned by STI” rather than a full-on STI model, used several bolt-on upgrades from STI, such as a stiffer suspension, bigger Brembo brakes and a recalibrated stability control system.

Whatever the case, we won't have to wait long to find out as Subaru will fully unveil the mystery car on June 8.

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