Subaru PHEV to be called Evoltis?

A patent office trademark filing points to a new plug-in hybrid electric vehicle name.

If a new patent trademark registration is any indication, Subaru's first plug-in hybrid electric car will be named Evoltis.

Seemingly an amalgam of "evolution" — sorry Mitsubishi, you missed your shot — and "volt," the trademark filing was uncovered by Car and Driver. While the filing doesn't necessarily mean that the PHEV will bear the Evoltis name, the scheduling seems relevant. The car is expected to debut towards the end of 2018, and as Car and Driver notes, the filing by Subaru Corporation, rather than Subaru of America, wears an "intent to use" status.

The PHEV is an important part of Subaru's desire to meet California's Zero Emissions Vehicle rules, which require 4.5 percent of all vehicle sales to come with battery or hydrogen fuel cell powertrains. By 2025, that number will increase to 8 percent. Keep in mind, if an automaker does not meet these percentages, they will have to buy credits from a competitor. Seen as a transitional technology, PHEVs count for about 55 percent of the credit as an all-electric or fuel cell vehicle.

Car and Driver believes that the Subaru Evoltis will use technology from Toyota's Prius Prime PHEV, but package it in an all-wheel-drive crossover body style. The Prius Prime is available with AWD in Japan, and Toyota owns a 16.5 percent stake in Subaru.

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