Subaru teases WRX STI S209 for US market [Video]

The Japan-only S208 featured more power, suspension upgrades and unique exterior elements.

Subaru has released a teaser video for a track-focused WRX STI variant "coming to America for the first time ever."

Trademark filings spotted by AutoGuide suggest the company has reserved the term 'S209.' The US filing follows a naming scheme that traces back to the S207 and S208, both used to distinguish WRX STI special editions that were sold only in Subaru's home market.

The Japan-only S208 featured more power, retuning the engine to deliver 324 horsepower and 319 pound-feet of torque. Drivers were also treated to retuned steering and adjustable dampers, while the exterior was enhanced with a large carbon wing and a composite roof.

The teaser video shows a WRX STI shrouded in camouflage wrap, though its front aerodynamic elements and rear wing are clearly visible.

Whatever name it carries, the new STI variant will make its formal debut next month in Detroit.

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