Tokyo: Subaru WRX STI S208

Just 450 examples will be built, and all of them will remain in Japan.

Subaru has several global debuts planned for next month's Tokyo Auto Show. One of them is the S208, a more hardcore WRX STI that builds on the S207 launched at the same event a few years ago.

It takes a well-trained eye to tell the S208 apart from a standard WRX STI. Look closely and you'll notice it receives a model-specific body kit with a splitter attached to the front bumper and a huge wing dropped on the trunk lid. The roof panel is made out of carbon fiber, a modification which saves weight while lowering the center of gravity.

Inside, enthusiasts are treated to leather-upholstered bucket seats with an elegant two-tone design, and red trim on the dashboard.

Subaru promises its engineers have made significant improvements under the hood, but it's not releasing technical specifications yet. For what it's worth, the S207 received a turbocharged 2.0-liter flat-four engine tuned to deliver 323 horsepower and 318 pound-feet of torque.

An upgraded suspension rounds out the mechanical modifications. We also expect to find bigger brakes to reign in the cavalry under the hood.

Just 450 examples of the Subaru S208 will be built. Pricing information hasn't been released yet, but it's of little interest to us because the car will exclusively be sold in Japan.

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