BMW dismisses Tesla talk: Musk 'using us for PR'

A source inside the German automaker claims there are no plans to invest in Tesla, or build a battery factory.

A BMW official has vocally rejected speculation surrounding Elon Musk's recent comments hinting at a potential partnership between the automakers.

The Tesla chief last week suggested the companies were involved in talks regarding battery technology and charging stations. The executive even hinted at a battery production facility located within Germany, likely with the involvement of a local automaker.

An unnamed BMW insider suggests any talks were informal and not indicative of formal plans or intentions to collaborate in projects. The company is said to currently see no benefit in any potential partnership with the California-based startup.

Speaking to German outlet Wirtschafts Woche, the source boldly claimed Musk is "using us for PR purposes." The word choice suggests BMW may not be happy with the executive's loose-lipped references to informal chat.

The insider did admit that BMW would be open to sharing its carbon-fiber fabrication technology, as showcased in the i3 and i8, though the offer is open to all competing automakers -- not just Tesla.

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