Bob Lutz talks trash on 'humpback' Tesla Model Y

"I don't know who is going to buy that," he proclaims.

Former GM chairman Bob Lutz has a few strong opinions about the Tesla Model Y, predicting that the crossover's styling will inhibit sales.

Speaking to Autoline After Hours, the veteran executive argued that the Model Y is "terminally ugly" and "neither a sport utility or a sedan," which will cannibalize the Model 3 rather than attracting buyers from a different segment.
"I don't know who is going to buy that," he added. "It is another one of these humpback things like the Model X."
The Model X is not universally appreciated for its unique form, however it is believed to achieve stronger sales than the Model S. Tesla predicts the Model Y will be the star of the lineup, outselling the 3, S and X combined.
Lutz also touched on a few other products in the Tesla pipeline, predicting that the new Roadster isn't coming "anytime soon" and "they certainly are not going to do the Semi," which he believes is a terrible business proposition anyway.
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