Elon Musk hints at Tesla electric bicycle

The executive says motorcycles are too dangerous and scooters "lack dignity."

Tesla CEO Elon Musk suggests the company may be working on a much more affordable vehicle, an electric bicycle.

In an interview with Recode, the executive voiced enthusiasm for launching an electric pickup truck after bringing the Model Y crossover and Tesla Semi to market, but he shot down the possibility of developing an electric motorcycle.

"I rode motorbikes a lot when I was a kid ... and then rode a motorcycle on the road," he said. "And then I almost got killed when I was 17. Most people are paralyzed but, depending on how you count it, the probability of death in a motorcycle ... is 25 times higher."

Some Tesla employees have brought up the idea of building an electric scooter. Musk says they "lack dignity," however.

"I think we might do an electric bike," he added.

It is unclear if Tesla is considering a simple battery-powered bicycle or something more innovative, perhaps integrating a basic semi-automated safety system that can help stabilize the bike or brake automatically to avoid collisions.

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