Elon Musk says no Model S/X 'refresh' on the way

The company is sticking to incremental upgrades, with no plans to revamp the S/X interiors.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk appears to have doused cold water on rumors of an imminent Model S and X refresh.

Recent unconfirmed reports claimed the high-end models would both get new interiors with a single large central display similar to that of the Model 3.

"There is no 'refreshed' Model X or Model S coming, only a series of minor ongoing changes," Musk wrote on Twitter. "Most significant change in past few years was to use high efficiency Model 3 rear drive unit as S/X front drive unit. That went into production 3 months ago."

The executive then clarified that there is no significant interior changes coming, nor will the S and X lines be discontinued in favor of new model lines.

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