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Tesla delivers Model 3 with mismatched door panels

by Ronan Glon

Tesla has already contacted the car's owner.

Tesla has repeatedly stressed that every car it builds needs to pass a rigorous quality inspection before leaving the factory. The company may need to add "check door panels" to the list of points.

The California-based firm recently delivered a brand-new, $78,000 Model 3 painted in Pearl White Multi-Coat. It came with three white door panels and a brown one on the passenger-side rear door. The last time we checked, "brown door panel" didn't appear on the list of options. The error shows Tesla still has some efforts to make when it comes to quality.

@nick_thesun are you interested in this - colleague of husband's brand new $78,000 dollar Tesla Model 3- in a gleaming interior of whiteness, 3 white door pads and, um one brown one. Nobody had noticed pic.twitter.com/kSuABacTml

— Angela Dowden (@DietWrite) August 15, 2018

We're setting an extremely high bar for Model 3, and what happened in this situation is not how our vehicles are normally delivered. A mistake was made, and we are in touch with our customer to resolve this and ensure they are satisfied," a spokeperson for the company told The Drive in an email. The company didn't explain why the car received a brown door panel.

Mismatched door panels are the tip of the problem iceberg for the Model 3. Tesla missed deadline after deadline because it had a difficult time ramping up production. It ended up building a second assembly line under a tent next to its main factory in Fremont, California. It also experienced problems with panel gaps, though it claimed in April that it made a 40-percent improvement in that department.

Note: Photo originally posted by Angela Dowden on Twitter.

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