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Tesla enables Model 3 Track Mode [Video]

by Justin King

The feature employs the Mode 3's dual motors to "make highly technical driving effortless."

Tesla has begun enabling Track Mode for the Model 3 Performance, optimizing performance characteristics for autocross events or track days.

The feature changes how the power control systems distribute energy between the front and rear motors, managing the torque split to increase or decrease the car's rotation in corners.

"This requires lightning fast torque control and the ability for the car to precisely regulate traction on each tire - both of which are standard features in every Tesla, but that we've expanded upon with Track Mode to make highly technical driving effortless," the company says.

Stability control has also retuned and regenerative braking increased to a level that "may not be comfortable for day-to-day driving," while the powertrain cooling system will proactively drop the temperatures of the battery and drive units to prepare for track sessions. Overall thermal limits have also been raised and the AC compressor is overclocked to prevent overheating shutdowns.

"And like most aspects of a Tesla, we'll continue to improve and enhance Track Mode over time with future over-the-air updates," the company promises.