Tesla reduces Model 3 delivery window to four weeks

The company promises it can deliver in US by December 31 for orders placed by November 30.

Tesla has apparently resolved its shipping problems as Model 3 production continues to ramp up.

Speaking on Twitter, CEO Elon Musk said the company has "acquired enough trucking capacity" to ensure Model 3s can be delivered by December 31 if ordered by November 30, indicating a shipping time of just four weeks.

The executive previously hinted that Tesla was building trailers to deliver cars. Such a strategy seemed to be excessively complicated for a short-term solution.

"We bought some trucking companies & secured contracts with major haulers to avoid trucking shortage mistake of last quarter," he now says.

The company has blamed East Coast delays on using rail transportation, which still requires trucks to get to and from the railheads. Using trucks for the entire trip is said to save over a month, with direct-to-owner delivery and single load/unload.

Customers in Europe and Asia will begin receiving deliveries in Q1. The Model 3 will be sent on roll-on/roll-off ships.

"Major focus on minimizing time from factory to new owner," Musk promised. "Did not fully appreciate the working capital impact until recently."

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