Video shows Tesla Navigate on Autopilot glitch

The car steers into an emergency pull-off, apparently misinterpreting the lane marking as an off-ramp.

A Tesla Model 3 owner has posted a video showing an apparent Navigate on Autopilot error that required quick manual intervention.

The vehicle is traveling on a multi-lane highway and appears to steer itself into an emergency pull-out area, pointing the car directly into a curb before the driver takes over manual control and steers the vehicle back into the lane.

"I tried this a second time, one day later, at the same exact place while using Navigate on Autopilot," the YouTube post says. "My car dangerously veered into the same emergency pullover at 45 mph again. I had to disengage and veer left again."

The driver says there has been a debate about whether the glitch is related to Autosteer or Navigate on Autopilot. The car safely passed several emergency pull-offs and only accidentally steered into the pull-off right before the off-ramp that was being followed for navigation, however, pointing to a Navigate on Autopilot error.

At least one previous accident appeared to involve an Autosteer error that caused the vehicle to steer into a barrier next to unclear lane markers.

Tesla warns drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road at all times when using Autopilot.

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