Dutch coachbuilder makes Tesla Model S shooting brake

Here\'s the wagon Tesla won\'t make.

Tesla makes sedans and crossovers but it's never shown an interest in the station wagon segment. And while we can't imagine a Tesla wagon would sell well in America, the segment remains popular on the other side of the pond. It's a niche Tesla won't enter so Dutch coachbuilder RemetzCar has taken the matter into its own hands.

The company -- which specializes in making stretch limousines and hearses -- built a Model S-based wagon from scratch. The car is almost identical to S from the tip of the front bumper to the b-pillar. Beyond that, it receives a gently-sloping roof line that flows into a thick d-pillar accented by a sizable strip of chrome trim. There's even a roof-mounted spoiler to add a sporty touch to the look.

The wagon conversion clears up more cargo capacity while giving the occupants in the rear-facing third row more headroom. There's no word on what effect the new body style has on range, though.

RemetzCar points out making the chrome strip around the windows was one of the most difficult parts of the project. We don't know how much the conversion cost, though the coachbuilder notes it was a project commissioned by a private customer. It's a one-off model right now, one that's certain to turn heads everywhere it goes, but the brand is open to making more.

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