Tesla investigates Model S fire in California

The owner claims there was no collision, though the car was being towed to a tire repair center when the fire ignited.

"Tesla is investigating a Model S fire that occurred near San Jose, California, earlier this week.

The all-electric sedan reportedly caught fire in the parking lot of Los Gatos Tire and Auto Repair, according to NBC Bay Area. Fire officials say the vehicle was not involved in a collision and there was no work being done on it at the time.

Consistent with several previous fires, the Model S battery reignited hours after the initial blaze was extinguished.

"If this car had been in my house today and we go on vacation or something and the car suddenly catches fire, the whole house can burn down," the owner told KPIX. "So, I'm certainly worried. My wife doesn't want me to own another Tesla."

Notably, the car was reportedly at the repair center to replace a tire. A punctured tire raises the seemingly obvious possibility that the car struck debris on the road, a common cause of battery fires if the floor-mounted module is damaged.

"We are currently investigating the matter and are in touch with local first responders," Tesla said in a statement. "We are glad to hear that everyone is safe."

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