Tesla Model S crashes through trees into pond, killing driver

A map of the area suggests the driver failed to negotiate a curve and

A Tesla Model S has been involved in a fatal accident in Almeda County, California, on Sunday evening.

The car reportedly crashed through trees and into a pond. Local rescue teams are said to have removed the submerged car and recovered the body around nine hours after the crash, according to a KTVU report.

A satellite image of Crow Canyon Road shows just one pond in the area. The car may have been heading northeast and failed to negotiate the curve ahead of the pond, though the local report says police are still attempting to determine why the car left the road.

"The vehicle was submerged...trees in the water made it difficult to tow it out," said California Highway Patrol Sgt. Michael Novosel.

Authorities and Tesla will presumably attempt to recover data logs from the vehicle.

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