Tesla Model S extends segment lead; Model X lags

The Model S accounts for more than a third of large luxury car sales in the US, followed by the Mercedes-Benz S-Class with a 23-percent share.

The Tesla Model S appears to have retained its lead in the large luxury car segment, accounting for more than a third of US sales in the first quarter, according to a CleanTechnica comparison.

With estimated Q1 sales of 6,730 units, Tesla's flagship EV held a double-digit advantage over the nearest established rival, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which climbed to a 23-percent take with 4,565 units sold.

To be fair, the Model S is one of just three Tesla models to choose from. Traditional luxury marques offer products in a much broader range of segments and niches, easily eclipsing the newcomer's total sales tally.

Tesla's mainstream model, the Model 3, is expected to climb its way to the top of the small and midsize luxury category as production volume continues to ramp.

Amid persistent growth in the crossover and SUV segments, the Model X still trails far behind veterans. The high-riding EV is believed to have achieved sales of around 6,170 units in Q1, far below the Lexus RX's 23,790 units.

Tesla could have a better shot at climbing up the SUV ranks once the more affordable Model Y arrives on the market.

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