Tesla Model S jumps train tracks; driver arrested

The sedan was destroyed in the crash, losing control and landing in the parking lot of a nearby school.

A Tesla Model S owner has reportedly been arrested after launching the sedan over a railway crossing in Barrie, Ontario.

Surveillance video posted by Barrie Today captures the moment the car took to the air after hitting the raised crossing at a high rate of speed.

"When the vehicle crossed the steep incline leading up to the railway tracks ... the vehicle became airborne and crashed over 100 feet into the opposing lane," Barrie Police said in a statement. "The impact of the crash forced the vehicle to skid across the roadway and hit a tree in a nearby school parking lot."

The driver and passenger were taken to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries. The 46-year-old driver was arrested and charged with dangerous driving.

It may look "cool" and like something from out of the movies, but in reality the action of this driver put many lives at risk, including his own. He now faces Criminal Charges and will appear in court in October. https://t.co/J4z8x4ehQr https://t.co/bXHMUKJXV5

— Barrie Police (@BarriePolice) August 29, 2018

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