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Video shows firefighters battle Tesla Model X blaze

by Justin King

The team reportedly doused the fire with water for nearly an hour and a half to put it out.

The lengthy process of putting out a Tesla Model X fire has been highlighted in a video of a 2017 accident.

Uploader 'Real World Police' says the Model X driver lost control of the vehicle in Lake Forest, California, crashing into a garage and taking out a load-bearing beam. The vehicle's battery was damaged, starting a fire inside the structure.

"Because this fire was in a residential neighborhood it was decided to try extinguishment, and an attack was prepared," the description says. "Using two hand lines, firefighters hit the Tesla with very high flow rates for nearly an hour and a half, at which point the fire went out."

Mirroring previous Tesla fire incidents, the Model X appeared to be successfully extinguished until it was put onto a flatbed truck to be removed from the scene. In this case, firefighters asked the truck driver to slide the Model X back so water could be sprayed on its floor-mounted battery.

"From there, they used a couple of pre-connects again with large amounts of water, this time hitting it early and not allowing the Tesla battery to reach a state where it was running away thermally," the uploader says. "Firefighters estimate that from this point the fire was extinguished within another 10 to 15 minutes."

Tesla has argued that electric vehicles are statistically much less likely to catch fire than traditional vehicles with tanks full of gasoline or diesel.

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