Report: Tesla Model S, X prone to screen failures, preventing charging

A memory chip has been identified as the source of the problem, requiring $1,800 repairs for out-of-warranty vehicles.

The Tesla Model S and X may be prone to a particularly troublesome hardware failure that can prevent the vehicles from charging.

Experts and electronics repair technicians have noticed an increasing trend of problems with the media control unit, eventually causing the screen to go dark and preventing the vehicles from charging, according to InsideEVs.
Jason Hughes of engineering firm 057 Technology claims the issue is tied to an 8GB eMMC flash memory chip that becomes corrupted over time due to excessive data-logging operations, which are "pretty much useless on production vehicles" yet push the chip to the point of failure.
The latest MCU version is said to integrate a more robust chip but has only entered production last year, allegedly leaving all MCUv1 vehicles prone to problems at an increasing rate as the fleet ages. Replacing the entire MCU reportedly costs $1,800 at Tesla service centers for cars that are out of warranty, though the memory chip itself can be replaced by an independent electronics repair shop for much less.
Elon Musk responded directly to Huges on Twitter, noting that the issue "should be much better at this point," however the executive did not clarify if the problem is simply absent on new cars or if a software revision will be rolled out for older cars to reduce load on the memory chips.

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