Tesla acquiring self-driving startup DeepScale

The company specializes in machine vision technology for vehicles.

Tesla is reportedly acquiring DeepScale, a company that specializes in machine learning technology for the automotive industry.

The California-based startup focuses on computational efficiency, maximizing deep neural network (DNN) capabilities for vehicle applications that are limited in terms of processing power and energy consumption.
DeepScale CEO Forrest Iandola posted a LinkedIn update confirming that he has joined Tesla's Autopilot team as a senior machine learning scientist.
CNBC says Tesla has bought DeepScale outright, though neither company has formally announced the acquisition and terms remain unclear. The startup appears to be relatively small, forming in 2015 and listing a $15 million investment as its largest single funding round.
Tesla's Autopilot technology may be ahead of rivals but the company has struggled to launch capabilities within CEO Elon Musk's most ambitious time frames. The company recently put its Hardware 3.0 into production, switching to chips developed in-house rather than relying on off-the-shelf technology from Nvidia.

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