Tesla changes pricing, configurations for Model S, X, 3

The S and X now have a higher starting price, with 'Ludicrous' acceleration a standard feature.

Tesla has rolled out yet another series of pricing and configuration changes across its entire lineup.

The Model S and X have received the biggest adjustments, eliminating the Standard Range variants and consequently bringing the respective base prices up to $79,990 and $84,990.

Some buyers will be happy to learn that 'Ludicrous' acceleration is now a standard feature for the Performance trim. Previous available as a $20,000 option, the upgrade allows the Model S and X to launch from zero to 60 mph in the mid-two-seconds range.

The Model 3 has received more of a minor adjustment, making Pearl White the new standard exterior color with a $38,990 entry price.

Tesla has argued that its direct sales model avoids the unpredictable pricing that buyers experience with franchise dealers, however the company has rolled out numerous price changes in recent years.

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