Tesla Cybertruck orders hit 200K; Elon Musk hints at smaller version

A midsize or compact Tesla pickup is under consideration for the company's long-term roadmap.

Elon Musk has announced that Tesla's Cybertruck reservation tally surpassed 200,000 on Sunday, just three days after the truck made its debut and a day after hitting 146,000.

The company is accepting reservations for just $100, representing a much cheaper deposit than the $1,000 that was initially required to secure a spot in line for the Model 3.

Musk has also answered a few questions regarding the Cybertruck's cold-rolled stainless steel body, explaining that the particular alloy dictated the "planar" body shape because "you can't stamp ultra-hard 30X steel ... it breaks the stamping press." Building the prototype required deep scores to be cut on the back side of each bend, requiring the company to develop new methods to produce the production trucks.

"We were going to use titanium skins for Cybertruck, but cold-rolled 30X stainless is much stronger," he added.

The company demonstrated the body's toughness by slamming the side door panel with a sledge hammer. A second demonstration didn't go as planned, however, when the side windows cracked when hit with a steel ball. Musk now claims the hammer blows cracked the base of the glass, causing it to further splinter when struck by the metal ball.

Responding to calls for a midsize or compact Cybertruck, Musk said "long term, it probably makes sense" to offer a smaller edition but Tesla has no immediate plans for another vehicle debut. The company already has four models in the pipeline including the Model Y, Semi, Cybertruck and Roadster, along with a two-seat electric ATV.

There will be some "(mostly) unexpected technology announcements" next year, presumably including powertrain and battery innovations that have been hinted at with the Model S 'Plaid' prototype that spent time at the Nurburgring to challenge the Porsche Taycan.

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