Tesla delays Full Self Driving price hike until Smart Summon rollout

The company intends to align price increases with new features.

Tesla has delayed a planned price increase for its Full Self Driving upgrade.

CEO Elon Musk previously suggested the company would keep hiking the FSD price tag as more features are added, gradually narrowing the gap between current driver-assistance capabilities and true "self driving."

Buyers had been told FSD would become more expensive on August 16. The date passed without any pricing changes, however, and Musk has subsequently explained that Tesla is waiting until the latest Autopilot software update rolls out to more vehicles.

"Price increase for Tesla FSD postponed until version 10 with smart summon is in wide release, which is about 4 to 8 weeks away, depending on how early access goes," he wrote on Twitter.

Smart Summon will increase the minimum distance for remotely hailing the vehicle. The system is also expected to be capable of maneuvering through more complex environments.

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