Tesla delivers record 112K vehicles in Q4

The full-year tally reached 367,500 units, a 50-percent increase over 2018.

Tesla has announced another record quarter, delivering approximately 112,000 vehicles for the last three months of 2019.

The achievement puts the company at 367,500 vehicles for the full year, representing an increase of 50 percent over 2018 and slightly short of the ambitious 400,000 target.

As expected, the Model 3 now accounts for the vast majority of Tesla deliveries with 92,550 units reaching customers during the three-month period. Model 3 output is expected to continue growing at a fast pace as the company's China factory ramps up production.

"Despite breaking ground at Gigafactory Shanghai less than 12 months ago, we have already produced just under 1,000 customer salable cars and have begun deliveries," the company says.

Delivery numbers will be closely watched in 2020 as Tesla prepares to launch the Model Y and finally faces direct competition from established automakers.

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