Tesla Cybertruck options to include solar panels, electric ATV, bed camper

The company has also shown a Cybertruck-styled trailer.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced a few Cybertruck accessories that were hinted at in the debut and photos but not officially confirmed until now.

The truck will be available with optional solar panels on the roof and 'vault' bed cover, though Musk admits that the panels will only be able to generate approximately 15 miles of range per day.

"Would love for this to be self-powered," he says. "Adding fold out solar wings would generate 30 to 40 miles per day. Avg miles per day in US is 30."

A two-person Tesla electric ATV will be the first option for the pickup. The four-wheeler was presented at the end of the debut event and features Cybertruck styling, including a razor-thin headlight bar. It will be able to charge from the truck's integrated battery and can be driven into the bed via a loading ramp that slides out of the tailgate.

Musk also confirmed that Tesla's pictures of a bed camper represent another accessory that will be added to the lineup. The package appears to integrate a pop-up tent, slide-out tables and even a large electric griddle with a splash guard.

With a 35-degree approach angle, 28-degree departure angle and up to 16 inches of ground clearance, the Cybertruck apparently aims to be particularly nimble on the trail, with a 3mm-thick cold-rolled stainless body that can withstand abuse without denting.

The first units will begin rolling off the assembly line in late 2021.

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