Tesla over-the-air update to increase Model S, X, 3 power

The improved firmware is estimated to deliver five percent more power for the Model 3.

Tesla is preparing yet another over-the-air update that will squeeze more power from the Model 3, S and X.

The firmware revision was disclosed by CEO Elon Musk during the company's Q3 analyst conference call. Owners can expect an increase of approximately five percent for the Model 3 and around three percent for the Model S and X, thanks to refinements to the motor control programming.
The executives did not clarify if all variants will bring the same level of increased power, and if the higher output translates into quicker acceleration or higher top speed.
Aside from the motor control improvements, the update also promises to bring longer range, faster charging, refined single-pedal driving and other unspecified changes that will affect ride comfort.
Musk says the firmware update will be rolling out "in a few weeks."

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