Tesla drops plans for Model 3 air suspension

It is unclear if the option will be available on the Model Y. 

Tesla has apparently dropped plans to offer air suspension as an optional upgrade for the Model 3.

The Model S and X currently include Smart Air Suspension as a standard feature. The system can adjust ride height, lowering the car for improved handling and efficiency on the highway. Drivers can also raise the car when entering a steep driveway or traveling in deep snow. GPS integration allows certain adjustments to be performed automatically.

Tesla initially promised to bring air suspension to the Model 3 after the dual-motor variant entered production. The company has since made a few changes to simplify the manufacturing process, however, and may be reluctant to add such features after struggling to ramp up output volume to keep up with demand.

"No plans to introduce air suspension on Model 3 at this time," CEO Elon Musk wrote on Twitter in response to a customer inquiry.

The company recently upgraded its air suspension system on the S and X, adding fully adaptive damping to provide a more plush ride on the highway and a more responsive feel during dynamic driving.

Air suspension arguably makes more sense as an option for the Model Y. It is unclear if the company is attempting to keep a wider feature gap between its budget models and the S/X, however.

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