German watchdog sues Tesla over Autopilot advertising

The lawsuit was filed by a private organization, not an official regulatory agency.

A German anti-competitive watchdog organization has filed a lawsuit over Tesla's Autopilot advertising.

The Wettbewerbszentrale has cried foul over Tesla's claims of Full Self-Driving and alleged implication that vehicles will be fully autonomous by the end of the year, despite current German law prohibiting some of the promised features.
Lawyers representing the organization claim the company's advertising is misleading and creating misconceptions about autonomous driving.
"There are currently vehicles on the market that fulfill Level 2 functions," the group said in a statement. "These automobiles are still a long way from autonomous driving."

Tesla has backpedaled on its most ambitious goal of bringing true self-driving to its fleet in the near term. The company still hopes to launch Autopilot functions that allow vehicles to maneuver on city streets, however drivers will still be required to keep their hands on the wheel until the technology is validated and regulatory barriers no longer stand in the way.
To be clear, the Wettbewerbszentrale is a private organization and not a government regulatory agency, as erroneously implied by Electrek.

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