Tesla hikes Model 3 price, bumps range to 250 miles

The $500 price jump brings 10 extra miles of range.

Tesla has increased the Model 3's base price once again, bumping the entry point by $500 and adding a bit more range.

The Standard Range Plus edition now sells for $39,490, with a modest range increase from 240 miles to 250 miles.
The company dropped the $35,000 base model earlier this year, briefly selling the configuration as an "off-menu" option with software-limited range despite having the same battery as the Standard Range Plus edition.
It is unclear if the extra 10 miles has been achieved through hardware revisions, such as new battery chemistry, or some other method.
At the upper end of the range, the Performance package has also received a price increase of $1,000 with the same range as the existing package and no other apparent changes.

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