Tesla installs Supercharger at Nurburgring

A noisy diesel generator reportedly charged the Model S for its initial tests.

Tesla has installed a Supercharger station at the Nurburgring, apparently preparing for an extended stay at the famed track.

"Makes it feel like home, you know?" Tesla quipped on Twitter.
Amusingly, the company was reportedly relying on a noisy diesel generator to charge the Model S prototype after it arrived in Germany to prepare for a record attempt.
An unofficial observer recently told German media that the Model S completed a lap nearly 20 seconds quicker than the Porsche Taycan, though the run was hand-timed and prone to error.
The prototype is equipped with a new powertrain, nicknamed 'Plaid,' that is more powerful than current production cars and apparently does not have the same thermal troubles that killed previous Nurburgring attempts after cars entered a low-power mode in the final miles.

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