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Tesla loses PR chief just weeks before Model 3 debut

by Justin King

The company has not explained Ricardo Reyes\' departure after less than 18 months on the job.

Tesla's vice president of global communications, Ricardo Reyes, has reportedly left the company, according to a Bloomberg report.

Such mid-level executive shakeups do not typically gain much attention, however Reyes' departure comes just two weeks before the company formally unveils its important Model 3 sedan.

It is unclear if Reyes left on his own accord, or may have been ousted from the position. The executive originally joined Tesla from Google in 2009, hired to help lead communications and marketing strategy. He left in 2012 to take a two-year stint at Square before returning to the automaker.

In his LinkedIn profile, Reyes claims to have lead Tesla's communications strategy, reporting directly to CEO Elon Musk. Other listed achievements range from a PR turnaround in China to leading the Model X delivery event.

Tesla relies on a unique strategy to market its vehicles, embracing word-of-mouth and media coverage rather than investing in traditional advertising. The Model 3 has received significant attention ahead of its formal debut. The launch is viewed as critical for the company to achieve its goal of becoming a high-volume automaker that appeals to the masses. Significant sales numbers could be vital for the fledgling automaker to make a profit from a vehicle with a $35,000 price tag.

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