Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor gets Acceleration Boost option for $2K

The over-the-air upgrade cuts its zero-to-60 mph time to 3.9 seconds.

Tesla has launched an optional over-the-air Acceleration Boost upgrade for the Model 3 Dual Motor, shaving a half second off the sedan's zero-to-60 mph benchmark for a hefty fee.

Takers will see their time to 60 mph drop to just 3.9 seconds, down from 4.4 seconds for the standard configuration. The Model 3 Dual Motor Performance still takes the crown at 3.2 seconds, while the rear-wheel-drive Standard Range Plus base model remains unchanged at 5.3 seconds.

The Acceleration Boost update isn't cheap, requiring owners to pony up $2,000, though it does allow the Model 3 to achieve a sub-four-second time with an overall purchase price of $50,990 versus $56,990 for the Performance range-topper.

Internal-combustion alternatives with a similar time all cost closer to $55,000 or above.

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