Tesla Model 3 driver uses 'instant torque' to escape rear-end crash [Video]

The quick evasive reaction may have provided just enough extra space behind the EV.

Tesla's dashcam feature has captured another interesting incident after a Model 3 Performance driver used the car's acceleration to avoid a rear-end collision.

The EV was slowed to a crawl in heavy highway traffic when an inattentive Nissan driver approached from behind. Both drivers appear to recognize the impending crash at nearly the same moment and the Tesla accelerates forward as the Nissan brakes and swerves toward the median.
"I have never appreciated having an instant torque as much as this time," the video uploader says. "If I had not paid attention to my rear view mirror during this peak traffic hour, it would have been a serious crash."
The integrated TeslaCam system records video feeds from the front-, rear- and side-facing cameras used for Autopilot, providing several angles that can serve as evidence when vehicles are involved in accidents. The technology will presumably provide a steady flow of viral videos in the coming years.

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