Tesla Model S breaks down on Nurburgring

A Porsche Taycan cruises past as the newcomer is loaded onto a flatbed.

Porsche may be experiencing a bit of schadenfreude after Tesla's Model S prototype broke down during an industry pool test day at the Nurburgring.

A YouTube video posted by Talea Media focuses on the disabled Model S as a series of German cars slowly cruises by, including the rival Porsche Taycan that currently holds the official 'Ring record for four-door electric vehicles with a 7:42 lap.
Tesla recently boasted that the Model S is capable of a 7:20 lap and will be shooting for an even more impressive 7:05 when it returns to the Green Hell next month.
The car is equipped with a prototype 'Plaid' powertrain that will eventually enter production with the Model S, X and Roadster.
It is unclear if the latest breakdown will affect Tesla's plans to make an official attempt at breaking the Taycan's record.

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