Tesla Model S spotted testing on Nurburgring [Video]

The Model S was running during an industry pool day, not making a record attempt.

The Tesla Model S has been spotted testing on the Nurburgring in preparation for an apparent attempt at beating the Porsche Taycan's record.

Tesla chief Elon Musk earlier this week announced plans to bring the Model S to the famed track, though he later cautioned that the company will not be attempting a record lap this week.
The video posted by Automotive Mike shows the Model S running two laps during an industry pool day. The events allow multiple manufacturers to test vehicles on the circuit. Track rules prohibit formal record attempts on pool days, however.
The Model S is presumably the 'Plaid' chassis prototype equipped with a higher-performance powertrain that will enter production next year for the Model S and X and eventually the Roadster.
Tesla is rumored to have reserved a slot for a record attempt later this month.

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