Engineer implants Tesla Model 3 RFID chip into her arm

The RFID chip was removed from a valet key, allowing true keyless entry.

A Tesla Model 3 owner has performed a unique 'cyberpunk' hack, removing the RFID tag from a valet key and implanting it in her arm.

Software engineer Amie DD first attempted to transfer Tesla's RFID data onto an existing transponder implanted into her arm for unlocking her home door. The transfer attempt was unsuccessful, however, so she dissolved the valet key in acetone to extract the original RFID tag.

The antenna and chip needed to be encased in biopolymer before a body-modification specialist used a hollow needle to insert the chip into her arm.

The implant succeeded in providing the valet key functions. The engineer told The Verge that range "isn't the greatest," requiring her arm to be just one inch from the console, though it could improve after her swollen arm fully heals.

[Warning: Graphic Video]

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