Tesla ranks fourth in reliability survey

The EV maker wasn't far below Lexus and Toyota.

Tesla has been ranked the fourth most reliable brand in a recent survey conducted by What Car.

The magazine collected data from more than 18,000 vehicles across 31 brands and more than 200 models.
Lexus led the pack with an overall score of 99.3 percent, followed closely by parent Toyota at 97.7 percent and Suzuki with 97.3 percent. The top five included Tesla at 96.9 percent and Subaru at 96.6 percent.
At the bottom of the list, Land Rover was deemed the worst with an 81.3-percent reliability rating. Jeep was not much better with 84.4 percent.
Looking at hybrid and electric cars up to five years old, the Lexus CT and Toyota Yaris both scored a perfect 100 percent. The Tesla Model S ranked sixth with a reliability score of 98.9 percent.
Tesla has faced criticism for build quality among some of the first Model 3 production cars, however the company appears to have quickly resolved the most concerning issues.
Electric vehicles in general are expected to require much less regular maintenance than internal-combustion cars, replacing complicated engines with much simpler electric motors and transmissions. Hybrids and EVs also benefit from regenerative braking, using the electric motor as a generator to decelerate the car.

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