Tesla stalling $35K Model 3 deliveries?

Some orders for the standard-range edition appear to have been pushed from Q2 to Q3 or later.

Tesla has reportedly backpedaled on promised delivery schedules for the Model 3 Standard Range.

The company recently celebrated availability of the promised $35,000 base model. Some buyers are now facing a longer wait time, however, after initially receiving an estimated delivery date near the end of the second quarter.

"Our apologies, we will need to reschedule your delivery appointment to a later date," the company sent in text messages, according to The Drive. "A Tesla representative will reach out when we have a better estimate of your delivery timing from Tesla."

The issue is believed to be related to Tesla's commitment to placing top priority on the earliest pre-orders. Some buyers who ordered after the $35,000 Model 3 announcement may have been kicked down the list as the earlier deposit holders fulfill their orders.

"Well the priority is for longtime reservation holders so we would first need to assess how many of the long term reservation holders want the $35,000 car," CEO Elon Musk said during the announcement call. "So it really depends on on that on that and obviously this news has been embargoed until now so we first need to assess how many of the reservation holders wish to buy that car."

Musk added that he expects the new orders to be fulfilled before the end of June, when the next "tax credit cliff" cuts the incentive.

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