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Tesla to supply batteries for BP wind farm

by Justin King

The Powerpack will allow the system to better align volatile energy generation with peak demand.

Tesla has been commissioned to build an energy storage system for BP.

The British oil and gas giant will install the Tesla battery at its Titan 1 wind farm in South Dakota, representing BP's foray into the wind business on US soil.

The farm has just 10 turbines, producing up to 25 MW -- estimated to supply the energy needs of around 6,700 homes annually. Tesla's Powerpack system will provide 212kW/840kWh of storage to better align volatile wind production with regular peak demand.

"The battery pilot project at our Titan 1 Wind Farm will provide BP Wind Energy valuable insights as we seek opportunities to use energy storage more effectively across our diverse portfolio," says BP Wind Energy chief Laura Folse. "It's another way that we're working to create a wind energy business that is sustainable for the long-term and supporting the broader transition to a low-carbon future."

The project is expected to launch during the second half of the year.