Tesla to build tri-motor Cybertruck sooner than planned

Both all-wheel-drive configurations are now targeted for late 2021.

Tesla has changed its Cybertruck launch timing, placing a higher priority on the tri-motor range-topping configuration.

The company initially planned to bring the entry-level single-motor RWD truck and dual-motor AWD variant to market first, with a late-2021 delivery target for both editions.

Elon Musk subsequently reported that 83 percent of reservations were submitted for the AWD builds, with a nearly even split between the dual- and tri-motor powertrains.

The single-motor model with a starting price of $39,900 has experienced much lower demand, accounting for just 17 percent of deposits. The company has consequently moved the RWD truck's launch window from 2021 to late 2022, consistent with the Model 3 rollout that started with more expensive variants.

The Cybertruck's polarizing styling has not appeared to hurt demand, with 250,000 reservations logged in just a few days. The refundable $100 deposit is much cheaper than the $1,000 required to secure a Model 3.

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