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Tesla video teases mystery model, Roadster acceleration

by Justin King

Apparently a bit taller than the Model 3 in the rear, the veiled vehicle could be the Model Y.

Tesla has released a 2018 promo video highlighting many of the company's current and future products, including a mystery vehicle that could be the Model Y.

Appearing at 15 seconds into the video, the partially shrouded car looks to be similar to the Model 3 in overall size but with a bit more height behind the rear seats.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently promised the Model Y will represent a "manufacturing revolution." The company has decided to use the Model 3's platform architecture to avoid more trouble on the assembly line.

Musk also admitted that the most ambitious Model Y production target of late 2019 will likely be pushed to early 2020, presumably accommodating a delay in ramping up Model 3 output to full volume.

With no more room in Fremont, the automaker says the Model Y will be built at a different location.

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