Trailer full of Tesla vehicles catches fire on Nevada highway

Tesla blames the blaze on the trailer but firefighters say the cause is undetermined.

A semi trailer full of Tesla vehicles has been destroyed in a fire on Interstate 80 near Carlin, Nevada.

Photos captured by firefighters show teams battling the blaze, which fully engulfed the trailer and burned five Tesla EVs and a Subaru.

The semi was hauling a double-trailer configuration when the driver noticed smoke coming from the rear trailer. The front trailer and truck were separated and moved before the fire spread, avoiding further damage, according to the Elko Daily Free Press.

A Tesla spokesperson told the local newspaper that the fire was caused by the carrier truck, not the vehicles on the trailers. The company apparently did not elaborate, leaving it unclear if the trailer experienced a brake fire or some other malfunction.

InsideEVs sought clarification from the fire department, which considers the cause to be undetermined at this point.

"The extreme heat generated by the fire has made it very difficult to determine the cause," said Elko County Fire Protection District's Linda Bingaman. "I am not sure what basis Tesla has on saying it was the carrier so I cannot help you there."

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