Tokyo: Toyota GR HV Sports concept

The concept apparently previews a different take on the Toyota 86, adding a targa roof and hybrid powertrain.

Toyota is set to reveal the GR HV Sports concept in Tokyo, highlighting the company's newly established 'GR' series of sportier production models.

The GR HV Sports is said to be inspired by Toyota's TS050 Hybrid endurance race car, employing a performance-focused hybrid system using technology refined for Le Mans.

The body is clearly based on the Toyota 86, reimagined with a targa top that pays homage to the company's first sports car, the Sports 800, and the Supra. The front end has been extensively reworked to accommodate futuristic LED headlights.

The GR HV introduces a unique automatic shifter that allows drivers to row through the gears like a manual transmission via an H-pattern lever. Park, reverse and neutral actuation has been moved to buttons on the center console.

Gazoo Racing engineers presumably use the hybrid system to produce more power and torque than the current Toyota 86, but no specifics have been disclosed for the concept car.

Additional details will presumably be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show.

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