Gran Turismo Sport shows 591-horsepower on Toyota Supra GR

The racing simulator publishes its stats on Geneva\'s racing concept.

Toyota has yet to release any official specs for the new Supra, but we have some information from its digital counterpart in the Gran Turismo Sport video game.

The racing version of the Supra, which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last month, has been added to the Gran Turismo Sport racing simulator. The in-game version reveals an output of 591-horsepower at 6,800 rpm and 514 lb-ft of torque from its inline-six motor. It weighs in at 2,740 pounds, but like the Geneva concept it has no interior save for a racing bucket, roll cage, and instrument cluster.

Oddly, while data that requires special instrumentation are listed, specs that could have been easily obtained by a tape measure in Geneva, such as length, height and wheelbase, remain blank.

The Gran Turismo franchise is noted for its highly realistic depictions of real-world cars, with the creators even going so far as to record their actual exhaust notes and working with actual automakers to render the virtual cars before the real ones are released. Still, we wouldn't put too much stock in the numbers. The production car will likely have different outputs, but for now these are the only figures we have.

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