Next-gen Toyota 86 on track for 2021 with more power?

The sports car is expected to get a bigger engine yet a lower center of gravity.

Toyota and Subaru have reportedly settled on a more powerful engine for the next-generation 86 sports car.

Due to hit the market sometime around 2021, the revamped 86 is expected to jump from a 2.0-liter engine to a 2.4-liter mill with a bit more oomph, according to The Japan Times.

Increasing engine displacement suggests the company is remaining stubborn in its stand against turbocharging for the coupe, despite persistent pressure from enthusiasts.

The new engine is expected to contribute to a lower center of gravity, further improving the 86's reputation for great handling.

Subaru's variant is said to be equipped with the company's latest safety and assistance technologies, allowing drivers to benefit from automatic emergency braking and other tech enhancements.

Specific details could change in the next few years as development moves forward.

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